CAGS is leading the movement to invest in the next generation of Canadian researchers.

In Budget 2018, the Government of Canada signaled that Budget 2019 would include significant investments in training the next generation of Canadian researchers. Additionally, the Canada Research Coordinating Committee has committed to “establishing Canada as a world leader in supporting the development of talent throughout the research career life cycle.”

In an effort to help steer these new investments and initiatives, CAGS has developed a series of recommendations and proposals for the Government of Canada. As the national organization representing graduate education, CAGS strongly believes that these ideas will promote competitiveness in research and innovation in Canada, and advance the country’s already strong leadership in research education.

In the following statement, CAGS articulates what it sees as the critical attributes and competencies that will be required for Canada’s researchers to maintain and improve national standing in an increasingly competitive and changing global research environment. CAGS also presents a series of evidence-based approaches useful for achieving these outcomes, and puts forward several recommendations for improving federal trainee funding policies.

CAGS has sent the statement to the House of Commons Finance Committee, the Tri Council, and numerous other organizations.

Check out CAGS’ official statement on investing in the next generation of Canadian researchers (PDF).