The purpose, meaning, and scope of the PhD are changing in response to profound changes in both the academy and society. As the primary national organization on graduate education, CAGS aims to coordinate efforts to build on Canada’s position at the forefront of thinking on the future of the PhD.

Report of the CAGS Taskforce

On the Dissertation (September 2018)

Shifts in the academy and society over the last few decades have led to a world-wide conversation on rethinking approaches to the doctoral dissertation. This report offers an overview of the changes occurring in the dissertation and summarizes the consultations held with the Canadian graduate education community over the past two years. It concludes with a call to action for universities.

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The Comprehensive Examination – Rooted in History

Consultation Document (September 2017)

What are comprehensive exams? How can they be reimagined for the needs of the 21st century? Prepared by a CAGS working group, this consultation document intends to promote discussion among students, faculty and administrators involved in graduate education. The outcome of the online survey and consultations will frame recommendations by the working group in the final report.

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