Dr. Elizabeth Yeoman is an outstanding graduate student mentor. A Professor and member of the Faculty of Education at Memorial University since 1991, she has supervised 41 Master’s students and six PhD students, and is currently supervising one Master’s student and six PhDs.

Dr. Yeoman’s research and supervision reflects a strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration. She has mentored students in variety of disciplines, including students at universities in Spain and China. She consistently provides a supportive environment that stimulates creativity, debate, engagement and dialogue among her students. “Dr. Yeoman is a gentle, kind and deeply insightful teacher,” writes a former student, “and she taught me to think critically about how students can explore and transform their world.”

Many of her former students agree that it is Dr. Yeoman’s mixture of compassion and scholarly rigor that makes her an outstanding graduate student mentor. According to a former Master’s student, “Elizabeth has been and continues to be an inspiration, a coach, a mentor, a friend, a critic, a debater, a storyteller, and a co-conspirator.”

Dr. Yeoman has an innate ability to recognize and build upon the unique interests, strengths, and experiences of her graduate students, supporting them to win awards and fellowships, work with community partners, and excel in diverse careers in the academy, government, and community organizations. She celebrates diverse views and perspectives, allowing students of all backgrounds to flourish. “I would not be where I am today without Dr. Yeoman,” reflects a former Master’s student. “Her gentle yet probing style pushed me to do my best. As a teacher, I now try to emulate her methods of respectful engagement with my own students.”