Joanna Freeland is an outstanding graduate student mentor. A Professor in the Department of Biology at Trent University, she has supervised numerous graduate students, several of whom have taken up leadership roles in their fields of study. Dr. Freeland’s mentoring style is defined by her encouragement, inspiration, and support for graduate students. She pushes them to reach their full potential by fostering critical thinking and creativity, while promoting a climate of respect and collegiality.

Dr. Freeland has been described as having the ability to provide just the right amount of guidance while allowing students their independence. “Her approach is to let students learn at their own pace,” writes a former graduate, while also “showing them how to develop answers to their questions through collaboration, reflection, and dialogue.” Dr. Freeland engages with her students as dedicated individuals who are passionate about their research, and she develops skillsets that will enable them to learn throughout their lives, and to