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Now is your chance to vote for Canada’s Choice in the National 3 Minute Thesis competition.

The regional competitions of Canada’s 3MT are complete, and the 11 finalists have been chosen!

As of May 22, the 11 videos of the finalists’ presentations will be live on the CAGS 3MT page. This kicks off the final round of the search for the winner of Canada’s 3MT national competition.

You can support Canada’s graduate students by casting a vote for your favourite presentation. It’s easy!
The video with the most votes during the period May 22 to May 31 will receive the Canada’s 3MT People’s Choice Award, sponsored by MITACS. The 2nd Place prize is sponsored by the Caisse Populaire Rideau-Vision of Ottawa. The first prize is provided by CAGS.

The ultimate winner of Canada’s 3MT national championship will be selected by a team of judges:

Dr. Alejandro Adem, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director, Mitacs
Dr.  Valerie Walker, Vice-President, Talent and Skills, Business Council of Canada
  • Tom Howell and Nicola Luksic, Producers, CBC Ideas

All three winners will be announced the first week of June.

Be sure to cast YOUR vote and help to find Canada’s best Three Minute Thesis champion!

Budget 2018

The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies applauds the major investment in research and in particular in people in Budget 2018.

The increases announced for each of the Tri-Council members, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and for additional Canada Research Chairs will indeed support many more students and early career researchers.  As well, the focus on supporting and encouraging women, indigenous peoples and other underrepresented groups in the research enterprise is an important one.  
The formal recognition of the need for interdisciplinary and international research and the new fund to support it will assist the growing cohort of students and early career researchers who seek to approach research challenges with a broader lens.

As made clear in the budget document, this announcement is only the beginning. CAGS is ready to take up the challenge to work with the Government of Canada over the next year to determine how to better support students, and the next generation of researchers through scholarships and fellowships.  



Searching for Canada’s Top Dissertation

Are you working with or know of a doctoral student whose dissertation makes a unique contribution to their academic field? Then check out Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2018 call for nominations.

It is an exciting time of year here at CAGS when we put out this annual call. In partnership with publishers ProQuest-UMI we have been seeking out the best dissertations in Canada for more than 20 years.

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Meet Dr. Susan Porter, the new president of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies for the 2017-2018 term. As the Dean and Vice-Provost of graduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Porter’s major focuses have included promoting excellence in graduate supervision and graduate student development, and helping students prepare for their lives as scholars after graduation.

Her work over her 14-year career in graduate administration has helped direct recent attention towards the PhD degree, and the ways in which a breadth of career-relevant scholarship might be integrated in its core elements.

A molecular biologist by trade, Dr. Porter is also a clinical professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UBC.

»»» Message from the President


CAGS’ Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentorship

This award will recognizes graduate faculty members with a record of excellent mentorship of graduate students under their supervision.

The prize will be awarded on the supervisor’s demonstrated ability to:

  • inspire, guide and challenge supervisees to achieve excellence in scholarship;
  • provide a supportive environment
  • respond to the needs of their supervisees and their career/future aspirations;
  • encourage supervisees to pursue opportunities to share and disseminate their research
  • support supervisees in developing their academic and professional skills
  • support supervisees in transitioning beyond graduate studies.

CAGS Board of Directors will review nominations and select the winner of the CAGS’ Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentorship and identify 11 nominees to be profiled by CAGS on its website.

Nomination submissions must be time stamped no later than 5:00 pm, February 15th. The winner and selected nominees will be announced at the end of March 2018.

Full details can be found here


55th Annual Conference

For more than 50 years, deans and administrators from Canada’s graduate schools have met in the late autumn to share information on the challenges and trends in graduate education. The CAGS annual conference is an opportunity to explore best practices, discuss hot topics, co-ordinate advocacy and connect with colleagues from across the country and the world.

2017 Presentations

ePly2017 Conference Evaluation Form

18 October 2017

More scholarships, more opportunities to study abroad, and better access to graduate education.

Those are some of the outcomes CAGS hopes will be the result of recommendations made by president Dr. Brenda Brouwer to the Standing Committee on Finance at the House of Commons on September 28.

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22 September 2017

2017 DDA Winner: New ways of looking at justice

The winner of the 2017 Distinguished Dissertation Award for Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is being praised for breaking new ground in the ethnomusicology of Ethiopia. Since 2002, Leila Qashu (PhD, Ethnomusicology, Memorial University of Newfoundland) has been researching the juxtaposition between Ethiopia’s legal system and the customary practices of conflict resolution practiced by the indigenous communities of the Arsi Oromo, who are also a political minority.

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22 September 2017

2017 DDA Winner: Solving the organ donor shortage

The field of tissue engineering has been around for years, but scientists’ inability to build blood vessel networks to keep those artificial tissues alive has – to date – been a major stumbling block. Enter Boyang Zhang (PhD, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto). The 2017 winner of Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the category of Engineering/Medical Science/Natural Science is the first in the world to create functional heart and liver tissues with built-in, 3-D blood vessel networks that can be surgically connected to the patient’s own system.

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22 September 2017

University of Waterloo recognized for accessibility to graduate education

Thanks to its generous parental leave and day care bursary programs, the University of Waterloo has won the 2017 CAGS Award for Excellence and Innovation for Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.

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4 July 2017

Graduate Professional Development Program Survey: Towards a National Strategy

Universities across Canada are actively working to provide graduate students with opportunities to hone skills that will serve them well in any work place. CAGS and the Canadian Consortium of Graduate Studies Professional Development Administrators, with the support of the Tri-Council, has developed a report , available here, that summarizes and categorizes the skills development offerings   available to graduate students by university in Canada. This report includes a searchable catalogue, available here, to help professional development administrators access content and keep up with trends and innovations. The goal is to continuously update the catalogue and maintain it evergreen.
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19 June 2017

Observations from the 3Minute Thesis Judge’s Chair

Canada’s 3MT is gaining in popularity due to the amazing student presenters, mentors and coaches, regional organizers and our judges. In 2017, CBC Radio producers Nicola Luksic and Tom Howell, engineer Ian Baines, and Tragically Hip’s Rob Baker spent hours reviewing the presentations, making comments and choosing winners. In this short piece, Baker takes a break from his musical work and talks about what his time as a judge and his thoughts about presenters - current and future.
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7 June 2017

Power of the Pitch: Guelph Grad Students Aces Canada’s 3Minute Thesis

Ottawa - An animated explanation of a plant-derived compound that extends the shelf life of fruit and could impact food supply in developing countries has won Canada’s 3Minute Thesis competition.
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25 May 2017

Talking Dissertation at 2017 Congress

For several years, scholars across Canada have been engaging in a conversation about if, and how, educational approaches to the PhD need to be changed. It has been a challenging issue. That’s why the Canadian Association of Graduate studies formed a working group to study critical aspects of doctoral education as they relate to the dissertation. It is an important conversation given the multitude of career paths, changes to the academy and to society.
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10 May 2017

Why Canada has become a destination of choice for international graduate students

by Brenda Brouwer in University Affairs, May 9, 2017.
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29 March 2017

Symposium Explores Potential of Electronic Theses

There is a perception that Canada’s graduate schools have completed the transition to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) leaving behind the age-old format of paper and print. That transition into the digital world is far from complete, according to James MacDonald, the Digital Initiatives librarian at the University of Northern British Columbia.
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29 March 2017

CAGS’ work on the future of the PhD continues with a consultation that will take place at this year’s Congress 2017.

“Humanities and social sciences have led the way in contesting the boundaries of the dissertation,” says CAGS President, Brenda Brouwer..”it is a natural fit for us to partner with the Federation for the Humanities and Social Science to hold this event on Monday, May 29 between 1530-1730.”
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27 March 2017

Project Provides Insight on Life After PhD

A project which tracked more than 2,700 humanities PhD grads from 24 Canadian universities and 60 departments has released a quantitative report which reveals some interesting information about how and where those grads are using their skills.
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06 March 2017

Advice from a 3MT Winner: Take a Deep Breath, Then Do It

Graduate education’s most popular – and most fun - skill development competition is gearing up for another round. 
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21 February 2017


As anyone toiling away at a dissertation knows, writing can be an isolating experience. But the English department at Mount Royal University is working to
change that with a project called Pop Up Poetry.   
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10 February 2017

Levelling the Field

Nominations are now open for the Canadian Graduate School program that best supports an accessible and productive environment for students.

The CAGS’ sponsored 2017 Graduate Student Experience Award will recognize excellence and impact.

“Financial stress. Mental health. Physical limitations. Graduate school can be a stressful time,” says CAGS executive director, Sally Rutherford. “We know that many graduate schools are increasingly effective at helping students cope and excel. This award will profile a program that helps challenge personal impediments as well as prejudice and misinformation.”    »»» more info

30 January 2017

The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies expresses its deep regret to the family, friends and colleagues of Khaled Belkacemi, an engineering professor at Laval University who was killed in an attack on a Quebec City mosque. He was one of six confirmed fatalities and five injured who were at the mosque when they came under gunfire.

“This tragedy strikes right at the heart of what it means to live and work in Canada,” says Brenda Brouwer. “Professor Belkacemi was worshipping peacefully in the city that he had adopted as home. His work in green chemistry and agri-food engineering was a major contribution to all society.”

Diversity and inclusivity are fundamental tenets of Canada and of graduate education. Canada’s graduate schools host over 40,000 international graduate students and foreign born and visiting professors. They contribute to the vibrancy of our universities and bring global perspective so critical to the advancement of knowledge, understanding and discovery which benefits us all.

In terms of the Presidential Executive Order which bans individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries, The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies has been in touch with the U.S.-based Council of Graduate Schools to determine what role Canada can play to help allay the immediate and profound impact of this situation.

CAGS urges all of its graduate school members to explore ways to be of real help to students, faculty, researchers and staff affected by the Quebec City killings as well as Presidential executive order.

25 January 2017

Gearing Up for Canada’s 3Minute Thesis

Graduate education’s most popular – and most fun - skill development competition is gearing up for another round.

The University of New Brunswick in Fredericton is hosting the 2017 Eastern region. It is set to take place on April 20. University of Waterloo has chosen April 12 as the big day that will see reps from Ontario schools compete for the regional champion. The Western Region will hold their event at the University of Saskatchewan on April 28.   »»» more info

25 January 2017

Canadian, International Students Follow Different Paths at Grad Schools

Ottawa - The top three choices for International students studying at Canadian graduate schools are Engineering, Sciences and Social Sciences. That’s according to the latest data from the 2016 Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey. By contrast the most popular programs for Canadian students were Social Sciences, Sciences, and Health Science.

There is also a marked difference in preference between Canadian males and females. The top 3 disciplines studied by Canadian males were Engineering, Sciences, and Social Sciences. The top three disciplines studied by Canadian females were Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences.

The 2016 survey is based on data received from more than 144,000 students studying at 50 graduate schools across Canada.

2016 Edition Results - November 2016 Luc Simon BPEI (.pptx)

9 January 2017

Searching for Canada's Top Dissertation

Are you working with or know of a doctoral student whose dissertation makes a unique contribution to their academic field? Then check out Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2017 call for nominations.

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14 November 2016

Talking the Talk: Why Canada’s 3Minute Thesis Is Vital

CAGS’ sponsorship of Canada’s 3MT is in its fourth year – increasing in popularity each year. “It’s good for grad students,” says Brenda Brouwer, CAGS president and dean of the school of graduate studies at Queen’s University. “It’s good for public recognition of their work and the value of their research, not only to the discipline and to academics but to all Canadians.” This feature article by Suzanne Bowness explains how Canadian academics are recognizing the importance of strong communication skills and are using competitions like the 3MT as a training tool. It was first published in University Affairs.

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17 October 2016

The Doctoral Dissertation - Purpose, Content, Structure, Assessment

Earlier this year, the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies formed working groups to study two critical aspects of doctoral education in light of these changes: the dissertation and the comprehensive exam. The dissertation working group has written the discussion paper found here. It is intended to form the basis of a conversation across Canadian universities, and to assist with that, it includes a consultation guide at the end of the document.

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03 October 2016

Science Review

The federal government is in the brainstorming phase of developing a co-ordinated strategy on innovation. In July, CAGS was invited to one of its roundtables as part of developing a Science Review component.

“How can Canada support a solid science policy?” we were asked.

“Federal support for investigator-led science is one element of a successful formula,” we answered. We reminded the them that since broad science enterprise is dependent on people, effective methods of supporting established and emerging researchers as well as students is critical. And we outlined numerous ways this could be achieved. It was the same message that we reinforced in our federal budget consultation. Our follow up brief to the science review was thorough and to the point.

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News and Information Archives >>>

27 September 2016

Winning Program Incorporates Work Skills into Curriculum

Ottawa - Polytechnique Montréal’s complementary doctoral training program is the 2016 winner of the CAGS Award for Excellence and Innovation for Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.

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20 September 2016

Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award: Fuelling a Sustainable Future

Ottawa - A young chemical engineer conducting groundbreaking research into fuel cell technology has won the 2016 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the category of Engineering/Medical Science/Natural Science.

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15 September 2016

Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award: History Revisited

Ottawa - A successful author of books on history, business, and sport has won Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2016. “Stone of Power,” Douglas Hunter’s (York U, PhD History) study of how North America’s Indigenous people have been portrayed and their cultural history sometimes erased, was the ultimate choice of the judges.

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22 August 2016

How a Walk in the Woods Improves Your Dissertation

Thoreau knew it. So did Charles Darwin and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Being outdoors is good for your spirit. It bolsters creativity and problem solving. And it helps you see the world differently.

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14 June 2016

Intellectual Property Report

Canadian universities and the private sector are partnering at unprecedented rates – the majority of those with graduate programs report some degree of involvement with this trend.

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6 June 2016

Canada’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Winners: Clarity, Savvy and Making a Difference

Ottawa - A PhD candidate working on the development of a pharmaceutical treatment as an option to delicate surgery is Canada’s Three Minute Thesis champion.

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31 May 2016


For the first time and at the request of our members, CAGS will hold a workshop for new, newish, Associate and prospective Deans on November 2, the day preceding the CAGS conference.

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11 May 2016

Opinion: The Business Case for Hiring PhDs.

Ontario businessman Ian Baines thinks PhDs and business can be a great fit. He should know, he has worked with plenty over his 40 year career as a “serial entrepreneur.” But he has some advice for students, grad schools and the business community to optimize the potential of Canada’s PhDs.

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9 May 2016

Who is Canada’s Favourite 3MT Presenter?

Now is your chance to vote for Canada’s Choice in the national 3Minute Thesis competition. Visit the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies 3MT page for videos of the 11 finalists chosen from regional competitions. Voting is open between noon Pacific Time on May 9 and noon Pacific Time May 19, 2016.

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Draft Strategic Plan

Please read this CAGS new Draft Strategic Plan that will be considered for your approval at the next AGM on November 4, 2016.

3 May 2016

Webinar: Using Your PhD to Build a Career.

We asked the organizers of an annual online career conference geared to PhDs to explain the event. They obliged and are also offering CAGS members (and their students) a discount.

»»» Here’s a report.

24 March 2016

How the Federal Budget Plays Out for Graduate Education

Budget 2016 paid attention to where the next generation of innovation will come from and for the most part, it got it right.

»»» more info

10 March 2016

Resourcefulness? Check out Canada’s PhDs.

The impact of a faltering loonie and the collapse of energy prices are the latest reminders that Canada has to get serious about a transition to a knowledge economy.

»»» more info

18 February 2016

2016 GSE Award: Improving Retention, Completion.

The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS) is pleased to announce the 2016 CAGS Award for Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience (GSE Award).

»»» more info


12 February 2016

Study: Are PhDs getting Tenure?

A third of graduates with doctoral degrees from Ontario universities are in tenure-track positions somewhere in the world, with half of them working as professors in Canada, research from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario(HECQO) has found.

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12 February 2016

Listen Up: CBC Radio Explores Work of PhDs.

What happens when two creative radio producers team up with PhDs to present their work? Fascinating discussions and an audio experience that CBC Radio audiences are loving for one… but also a master class in communicating for students who want to engage beyond the traditional.

»»» more info


18 January 2016

Three Minute Thesis: The Power of the Spoken Word

Canada’s 3MT competition is gearing up at universities across the country. Training sessions and workshops to help grad students communicate their research and engage their audiences are going from St. John’s to Victoria.

»»» more info


12 January 2016

Searching for Canada's Top Dissertation

It is an exciting time of year here at CAGS when we put out this annual call. In partnership with publishers ProQuest-UMI we have been seeking out the best dissertations in Canada for more than 20 years.

»»» more info


11 December 2015

REPORT: The “Public Scholars Initiative” at the University of British Columbia is one way Canadian graduate schools are rethinking the PhD.

Prepared by UBC Dean and Vice-Provost of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Susan Porter and Assistant Dean Jennifer Phelps, the work outlines an integrated approach to doctoral student scholarship and career development that is being piloted at the institution.

more info . . .


12 November 2015

Meet our new president

Queen’s University’s Vice-Provost and Dean, Dr. Brenda Brouwer has been appointed president of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies for the 2015-2016 term.

more info . . .


12 November 2015

Why grad students do what they do?

How do they see their future – and how will their work impact their neighbours and their country?

more info . . .


26 October 2015

Imagining Canada’s Future

Member schools of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies reflect a diversity of perspectives, focus and university cultures. This document highlights the thrust of reports from CAGS members who took part in the SSHRC’s Imagine Canada’s Future initiative.

download document (pdf)


8 October 2015

Refugees, War and Sense of Place: Researcher Cited for Excellence

Research into how political violence and war affects children’s sense of place has won the 2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award for Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

more info . . .


5 October 2015

DDA Winner: “Cutting Edge Research with a Conscience”

A University of Victoria researcher with a drive to prevent human infectious diseases, especially those that affect the developing world, has won the 2015 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Science category.
more info . . .


28 September 2015

Queen’s University Recognized for Work on Student Wellness

SGS Habitat: Resources to Live Well and Stay Well in Graduate School has won the 2015 CAGS/ETS Award for Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.
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25 September 2015

Grad Research in an Interconnected World

“What new ways of learning, particularly in higher education, will Canadians need to thrive in an evolving society and labour market?”
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29 May 2015

UPEI To Host Graduate Research Conference

The University of Prince Edward Island is hosting a Multidisciplinary Graduate Research Conference this summer. The theme of the conference is, “Emerging Scholars: Illuminating Graduate Research.”
more info . . .


27 April 2015

Does Canada Have Too Many PhDs?

According to researcher and blogger Melonie Fullick, any discussion of PhD “overproduction” needs to consider the question of the purpose of the PhD. “When different groups cannot agree on this purpose,” she writes, “at least in terms coherent enough that they can produce policies and programs that align, then doctoral students are the ones who lose out.” You can read her whole report in our Rethinking the PhD section.
more info . . .


25 April 2015

Future Research: Grad Students Address Key Question

What could be more important in our academic community than engaging our brightest minds in the imagining and decision-making process of designing Canada’s research future? Graduate students from Western and University of Windsor did just that recently as part of a nation-wide dialogue on Imagining Canada’s Future.
more info . . .


6 April 2015

Imagining Canada’s Future.

CAGS will be engaging humanities and social sciences graduate students in some straight talk about opportunities and challenges for social innovation, research, and building our knowledge capital.
more info . . .


23 March 2015

2015 ETS Award

The well-being of graduate students studying at Canadian universities is of prime importance to the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies. And our members work hard to respond to the needs of students.
more info . . .


11 March 2015

From the Front Lines

Is graduate education keeping pace with the changing realities students’ lives, passions and motivations? In this short commentary, Eric Weissman, winner of 2014 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award, outlines some of the challenges and obstacles in graduate education. This is part of the CAGS project – ReThinking the PhD.

more info . . .


9 January 2015

Searching for Canada's top dissertation

Are you working with or know of a doctoral student whose dissertation makes a unique contribution to their academic field? Then check out Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2015 call for nominations.
more info . . .


21 November 2014

Meet our new president

Laval University researcher, biochemist and dean Marie Audette has stepped in to the CAGS presidency. She takes up the position as the organization begins a serious examination of the role and impact of graduate education.
more info . . .


9 September 2014

Federal Budget 2015 and Beyond

Consistent investment in graduate education and research is an important strategy for government in order to maintain a strong economy, an engaged workforce and healthy communities.
more info . . .


3 September 2014


A gritty study of shanty towns and tent cities, has won this year’s 2014 Distin-guished Dissertation Award from the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies. Concordia University’s Eric Weissman’s (PhD Indi) multi-media, interdisciplinary work is the culmination of 13years immersed in the issue. more info . . .


26 August 2014

Wilfrid Laurier University: Innovative Approach Gets National Recognition.

Ottawa - The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) at Wilfrid Laurier University is the winner of the 2014 CAGS/ETS Award for Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience. more info . . .


06 August 2014

Dal Researcher is the 2014 Distinguished Dissertation Winner

Dalhousie University’s Daniel Boyce (PhD Biology) compiled the unprecedented collection of historical and recent oceanographic data to document declines in phytoplankton. more info . . .


16 June 2014

Congratulations to Canada’s 3MT Winners

Western University’s Joseph Donohue is the 2014 Canada’s 3MT winner. He is a Master’s biochemical engineering student.
more info . . .


28 May 2014

Congrats to our 3MT Francophone Partners!

Competitive. Exciting. Fun. That’s the description we’re hearing about the recent Ma thèse en 180 secondes competition.It took place during the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) conference at Concordia University in Montreal.


4 Apr 2014

CAGS Co-Ordinator Lise Benoit received nominations from across the country

They came from right across the country - Victoria to St. John’s. In all, our co- ordinator, Lise Benoit, received 54 nomination packages for this year’s CAGS/ UMI Awards.


24 Mar 2014

CAGS/PROQUEST Distinguished Dissertation Winners: Where are they now?

For the past 20 years CAGS judges have reviewed some of the country’s best PhD work in search of Canada’s most distinguished dissertation.


21 Feb 2014

What Makes a Grad School Great?

A combo of many things, really. People, programs and professionalism are the main ingredients.

Nominations are now open for the annual CAGS/ETS award. Entries will be accepted until April 30, 2014. Guidelines for the nomination process can be found here.


7 Feb 2014

Expand Research Strategy: CAGS Paper

The health of Canada’s graduate education system is a critical factor in a competitive global environment. And ultimately the creativity and sophistication of post graduates is key to an exceptional and vital society. That’s the message CAGS has delivered to the federal government as it reviews its science and technology strategy.


22 Jan 2014

Searching for Canada's Top Dissertation of 2014

The nomination process is now CLOSED for Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Awards.

It is an exciting time of year here at CAGS when we put out this annual call. In partnership with publishers ProQuest-UMI we have been seeking out the best dissertations in Canada for 20 years.


31 Oct 2013

French language 3MT®

ACFAS and CAGS invite Canadian universities to hold their own French language 3MT® competitions and to send the winner to the finals in Montreal in May 2014!

Noreen GolfmanSource: University of Alberta

26 Aug 2013

Grad Studies Direction, Relevancy: Conference Theme

Montreal - Participants at the 2013 CAGS Conference will be looking at options for the future of Canadian graduate studies when the event takes place here November 3-6, 2013.

Noreen Golfman

15 Aug 2013

Updating PhD Defence: Memorial University Wins Innovation Award

Ottawa - A new program that encourages examiners to attend the dissertation defence process remotely has won the 2013 CAGS/ETS Award Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.

Noreen Golfman

12 Aug 2013

Inside Look at Immigrant HIV Testing Wins Top Prize

Ottawa - A critical analysis of Canada’s immigration system and the mandatory HIV testing of prospective immigrants and refugees has been awarded the 2013 CAGS/Proquest –UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award.

Noreen Golfman

06 Aug 2013

CAGS 2013 Dissertation Award: Cracking An Evolutionary Mystery

Ottawa - A study about the evolutionary history and population patterns of the iconic North American Mountain Goat has won the CAGS/UMI-PROQUEST Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2013 (Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Science Category).