Vision and Values

Graduate and Postdoctoral Development Network


Our organization aims to reflect the social, cultural, and geographical diversity in Canada. 

Our vision is that this diversity is represented across our membership, is present in the ways that we communicate internally and externally, and that an understanding of diverse graduate student and postdoc needs is incorporated into the work that we do.


Our view of graduate students’ and postdoctoral fellows’ development is holistic. As such it includes academic, professional, career, and personal wellbeing. 

Our vision is that all of our members have access to information on best practices and resources that enable them to support graduate students and postdocs. 


We want to build a community of diverse professionals that fosters engagement in the field of supporting graduate students and postdocs, as well as fun and connection with each other. 

Our vision is to be a tightly knit inclusive community that collaborates with one another.