Graduate and Postdoctoral Development Network

Communications Committee

Chair: Dinuka Gunaratne (

  • To communicate with the public about issues and innovations related to providing support for graduate students and postdocs. 
  • Manage public relations for the organization (e.g. website, print material, communiqués to news/media). 
  • Publish articles for diverse audiences (e.g. students, university faculty and staff, professionals in related fields): Manage “Responsibilities May Include” UA article series. 


Conference Committee

Chair: Lorna MacEachern (

  • To host the annual national conference at CAGS: A professional development meeting for our members to exchange ideas and network. Work with CAGS on logistics planning.  
  • Prepare and manage call for proposals. Evaluate and select proposals & establish agenda 
  • Work with Member Engagement Committee to develop conference specific social and professional development events.  


Member Engagement Committee

Chair: Danielle Barkley (

  • Share resources and best practices for graduate student and postdoctoral fellows’ development 
  • Offer community building and training opportunities, material, and/or resources 
  • Communicate with members about activities, news, and events related to providing support for graduate students and postdocs 
  • Host specific events and offerings at the annual national conference in collaboration with the Conference Committee. 
  • Provide recommendations and referrals to the Executive Team for establishing Communities of Practice. 


Research and Partnership Committee

Chair: Jonathan Turner (

  • To collaborate on special projects (e.g. research projects, funding proposals, advocacy related) that would benefit students at all member institutions. 
  • Maintain a summary of national, provincial, and local/institutional surveys and research projects that are focused on graduate student development (e.g. CGPSS) 
  • Identify opportunities to develop partnerships with other professional bodies. Work with Executive Team to establish priorities and select projects.