Graduate and Postdoctoral Development Network

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Development Network (GPDN) is a network of professionals who are dedicated to supporting the development and success of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Our aim is to communicate best practices and share resources for professionals across Canada.

Interested in joining? Contact our membership manager: Catherine Roy-Boulanger

Our Projects


In Fall 2019 the GPDN obtained funding from the Tri-Agencies to conduct a comprehensive national survey to gain insight on the kinds of professional development support that universities and research institutions across Canada are providing to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The survey is expected to be launched in fall 2020, and results published in early 2021. This work will build on our environmental scan of graduate professional development programs at Canadian universities. initial:  Graduate Professional Development Program Survey : Towards a national strategy (2016)

Professional Development for Members

In addition to the annual GPDN conference, held alongside the CAGS conference. The GPDN has a  very active listserve where members can exchange ideas and regularly hosts national virtual discussions open to all members. There are also several active member led discussion groups:

  • IDP Community of Practice 
  • Faculty Community of Practice 
  • 3MT Community of Practice 
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