2023-2024 Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) National Student Paper Competition


Submission Period: 5 October – 15 December


The National Student Paper Competition (NSPC) was launched in 2013 with the aim of:

  • Introducing innovative ideas and bright new thinkers to the Canadian public service
  • Enhancing public service excellence and encouraging high performance

The NSPC offers a unique opportunity for talented graduate students to connect with senior public servants, expand their networks, nurture their leadership skills, and foster employment opportunities with the federal public service.

The NSPC is an annual competition organized by the Canada School of Public Service in partnership with the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada. The competition is also supported by various Canadian higher-education institutions and associations, including CAGS.

Outcomes and benefits of the competition

  • A strong partnership between the federal public service, universities and higher-education associations that encourages graduate students to apply academic knowledge and skills to inform Canadian public policy and the Public Service of Canada.
  • An increased number of promising graduate students in different fields of expertise across Canadian universities working with the federal public service and contributing with innovative, research-based ideas to enhance the lives of all Canadians.
  • A talented, diverse, inclusive and modern workforce equipped with the skills needed to embrace new workplace challenges, design services, mobilize knowledge, and respond to the country’s evolving needs.

Why Students Should Consider

  • Opportunities to network and share innovative ideas with the federal public service.
  • Top 5 authors present papers to senior executives.
  • Grand prize: 4-month internship with the Government of Canada.

Visit the NSPC webpage for further information.